Part 1: How Do I Sign Up For Webhosting?

Sign up for webhosting

Sign up for web hosting at We have ready-made and pre-written templates for a credit repair site. These will get you up and running in minutes with a professional website for a credit repair business. As youy learn the system, you can easily change any colors, images or text by easy point and click. Just be sure to take it slow, make minimal changes at first and save your work often, so you can restore it back an earlier version if you make a mistake. See below for instructions.

During signup, you will have 2 choices of plans:

  • Basic Hosting – $19.95/month (allows you to host 1 website only)
  • Premium Hosting – $29.95/month (allows you to host an unlimited number of websites)

You can register a domain during signup for $10/year. or you can use an existing domain that you already own that is registered at another company. The domain can stay at that other company, but there will be extra steps to change the nameserver settings so it will work with our hosting.



**Important note: During signup, please type a working email address (that you actually can receive email at) and not the email address that you plan to create. Once you sign up, a letter will be sent with your login details to get started on creating and publishing your site.