Is your Domain or Email at another Company?

Is your domain already registered at GoDaddy or some other company and not with us?

Didn’t buy your domain name from us? No worries, your domain can stay exactly where it is (at that other company) and it will work just fine with our web hosting. All you need to do is change some information with the company where your domain is registered.

Is yourDomain at GoDaddy?

If you’re Domain is at GODADDY click here for step-by-step Instructions just for GoDaddy.

For any other companies, follow these steps:

  • Call that company’s support line (GoDaddy, etc) or log into your account at that company and change the nameserver records to NS1.ELECTRICWEBHOST.COM and NS2.ELECTRICWEBHOST.COM so that your domain name will be associated with your site. ***DO NOT PLACE ANY “FORWARDING” OR YOU WILL SEE OUR SITE INSTEAD OF YOUR SITE! *** Only change NAMESERVER RECORDS and REMOVE ANY FORWARDING YOU HAVE ON THE DOMAIN. NO FORWARDING!
  • If you need help with this step please contact the company you registered your domain with. Once you change NameServer records it may take up to 24 hours for the domain to “propegate” throughout the internet before your published site will display.

Is your email hosted at another company?

If you already have existing email service with that other company

  • Please contact that other company and change your MX settings in our hosting PRIOR to changing your nameservers to otherwise your email cease to function.
  • You can change MX settings yourself in your Hosting Control panel. If you need assistance in our hosting panel, please contact the other company (GoDaddy, etc) first and ask them for the exact MX settings needed in order to host the website with us and keep your email service with them. Then forward those instructions to us in a support ticket (with a friendly note explaining what you’re trying to do.

If you already have email service from another company where the domain is registered

we recommend that you continue email service with them. That will cause you the least amount of work as you wont need to reconfigure everything.