Part 5: How To Create Your Website

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  1. Login here: with your username and the password you chose during signup.  Please note that this is not the same as the FTP password.It’s the password you created during signup. Usernames and Passwords are case-sensitive. If you created your username as johNNy or your password as TurpeNtine, you will always need to type it the same way. It’s also important to remember that If you dont remember the password you chose, simply click “Forgot your password” and the system will reset your password and send you the new one. Once you log in you will be in the Control Panel.
  2. Launch Presence Builder1
  3. Choose Credit Repair Business” Template and click CREATE SITE
  4. 2
  5. Prefill your contact information for your customers to see in your site. Click Submit.

  6. Watch the video:

  7. ***Before you start to edit your site, here’s something important to remember:
    Your site will look great and very profiessional if you stay within the template and make minimal changes. But if you make drastic changes, it’s not going to look very good. Be sure to save often so you can undo any mistakes, and if you make a mistake you cant recover from, click on MORE>START OVER for a fresh start.
  8. Click on Design in the SiteBuilder Menudesign
  9. If you want to choose a scheme, choose the “Scheme” option from the Design menu. scheme
  10. You can now click on any element in your template to edit/change/remove/add link/text/.additional graphics, videos etc.
    You can change the graphics simply by clicking on them and choosing another.  You can even upload your own.  Here below is how to change the large Banner Graphic.

  11. Change any text by clicking on it and typing what you want.

  12. If there is a page you dont want, simply select it and click HIDDEN PAGE and it will no longer display. It’s better to hide a page rather than delete one. 
  13. If you want to Add a page click on Add Page and it will be added to your menu.