How do I cancel a web hosting account?

Here’s how to cancel a web hosting account:

1) Visit our contact page
2) Click the button that sats “Email Support.”
3) Send us a note that says “Please cancel my web hosting account.”
4) Make sure you’re writing from the very same email account that you signed up with.

Support tickets are logged and tracked so they cannot be lost. Always write from the same email address that your web hosting account is registered to. Then we are certain you are the account owner. This is a deal breaker. We don’t do this by phone because we wont know your voice. We only know your email, so please write from the same email that your account is registered to (here’s a hint: you signed up with that email and receipts and instructions were sent to that email).

If you’re writing form any other email address we wont know who you are and this brings up serious security concerns and we absolutely cannot make changes to an account when requested by a 3rd party. Please help us to maintain security and use the same email address you signed up with. Also make sure to say “Please cancel my web hosting account” so we know what you want to cancel.

Upon request from the account owner, we will cancel your web hosting account within 1 business day!