Part 12: How Do I Add Payment Options To My Site?

Adding Payment Options to your site


Recommended Solution (if you’re a Credit Repair Cloud user):

  1. Get a Merchant Account For Credit Repair from CRMA at
  2. Signup for Chargebee
  3. Paste your Gateway API key into your Chargebee account (you’ll get this from the Gateway that CRMA has set you up with).
  4. Paste your Chargebee API key into your Credit Repair Cloud account (in My Company>Chargebee)
  5. Create Chargebee plans (in My Company>Chargebee)
  6. Add Chargebee plans to your Web Lead Form (in My Company>Web Site Tools)
  7. Add the Web Lead Form to your site

It’s super easy if you follow the videos below.

Once you’ve done this, your new clients can sign up from your website with a credit card and be charged monthly recurring payments, Chargebee will collect your money, it will go to your bank, and this is how you will grow your business. It’s easy to do and awesome!

PS:  If you’re wondering why you need a Merchant account/gateway and Chargebee, please read this guide.

Here’s a video overview in 3 steps:

1. Set up your Chargebee plans

2. Add Chargebee plans to your web lead form, so you can take credit cards on your website!

3. Add your web lead form to your website!


Alternate (not as nice) Solution (if you’re not a Credit Repair Cloud user):

Merchant Account for Credit Repair

Adding Payment Options, Shopping Carts and Pay-Now or Buy-Now Buttons and links to your website:

Many people ask us how to add payment methods to their website.

You can add anything you like to your website, but it’s important to remember that we are not a payment processor.

  • If you’re wanting your clients to pay you by Credit Card or if you wish to take ACH payments from Clients, you will need a merchant account for credit repair. You cannot use PayPal for collecting money from Credit Repair Clients. This is a violation of PayPal terms and they will ban you (which is quite unpleasant), so click here to get a merchant account for credit repair.
  • Once you have a merchant account buy now button code or shopping card code and addit to your site with the “Script Module” in the Web Builder toolbar.
  • You can also get a hosted paymemnt page from your merchant account/payment gateway. This is often the easiest solution. That page is hosted securly at your paymenmt processor and you simply add a “click to pay here” link on your website.