Part 7: Add A Web Lead Form To Your Website

Here’s a video overview with detailed steps below:



1) Click on the “My Company” tab


2) Click on “Website Tools”


3) Select the text in the “Webcode Form” box and copy it


4) Log into your Electric Webhost account, go to Presence Builder, and go to your “Contact Us” page


5) Hover over the current contact field and choose “Delete” and choose “Yes” when the popup appears


5) Click on “Module” in the editing menu and then go to “Script” (it is the very last option)


6) Drag the “Script” option onto your page and paste your code from step 3

When you drag it to the page you have a choice of “Design” or “Content”.  “Design means” it will appear on all pages.  “Content” means it will appear on only the one page.


7) You should now see a message that says ” Your code will be active on the published website”


Congratulations! You now have a weblead form!



Is your web form now appearing on all pages instead of just 1?
Click here for a solution.


Want to have your form collect Credit Cards? Here’s how:

1. Set up your Chargebee plans

2. Add Chargebee plans to your web lead form, so you can take credit cards on your website!

3. Re-add your web lead form to your website!