Part 3: What is Sitebuilder? How Do You Use It?

Sitebuilder is an awesome tool to make a site fast, even if you don’t know anything about web design. It’s built by a company called Parallels; they make server software.

Parallels worked with us to develop this special template just for a credit repair business. If you follow these steps you can have a professional looking site in minutes, and you can change all the text and images (later) as you learn to use this awesome tool.

Below are two samples we created with the sitebuilder template.

Take a look at these samples so you can see the goal.  Our templates are very easy customize, once you learn how sitebuilder (Web Presence Builder) works. Take it slow and save often as you work. Most importantly, only make very small changes until you learn to use it.

client client

Don’t make drastic changes to the template if you’re just learning!

If you take your time and follow the instructions, you will have a nice professional site. But if you immediately jump in and change the template and start pulling it all apart, you won’t have a nice looking site.

Please take a few minutes to read the next few articles, learn to take it slow and to save your work as you go.

Save your work as you go

If you save as you go, you can “revert” to an earlier version if you make a mistake—and we all make mistakes…so please read the section of this guide about “Saving.”

How to “Start Over”

Easy!  Click on More>Start Over for a nice fresh start with the clean default template.

Getting help

Most people are able to watch the video, read the instructions and have a live site within a few minutes. However, if you’re not a technical person, and you’re a credit repair cloud user, click here to schedule a free 1-on-1 phone session so we can help you personally.