Part 10: How To Set Up Email Forwarding

IF you use email forwarding, it’s fewer steps. Add an email address and it can forward to your existing address.

This is handy as a temporary solution, if you’re not ready to set up email software with your domain, but there are a few issue to be aware of when trying to forward email to free email services like gmail, yahoo and hotmail, etc. So if you have trouble finding those emails, please see below for troubleshooting your other accounts at those companies.

 Troubleshooting forwarded email:

  • Free email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, etc, do not like forwarded mail and they might put them in your Spam folder instead of your inbox.  Gmail and Yahoo are notorious for this.
  • Gmail also has a folder called “Promotional” that it also likes to put forwarded email into.
  • One solution is to find the forwarded emails and mark them as “NOT SPAM” so gmail, yahoo, etc  won’t filter them out of your inbox anymore. Then you can start to train gmail, yahoo, etc that these emails are important to you, and they will start to land in your inbox.
  • We understand that it can be frustrating if another company is filtering out your forwarded mail, but that’s something you can easily correct at the other company. It’s not related to our company or our web hosting.
  • If you’re not able to resolve the issues at all, the best solution is to set up email at your domain and then set up email software on all of your devices to receive it properly without forwarding anything.