How to Create An Email Address/Account At Your domain

1. Log in to your web hosting account at

2. Under “Your Active Products/Services” click on “Web Hosting ($19.95/month”)

3. Click on “Email Accounts”

4. Add a New Email account by filling in these fields. Instructions are in the top of the page where it says “Documentation” You’ll need to use email software on your computer and devices, like Outlook® or Apple® Mail). 

**Email accounts are free but they may not be used for mass mailing, mass marketing, bulk mailing, bulk emailing apps, group emailing or spamming. If you’re wanting to send marketing emails, use a 3rd party email service (and not OUR server).  

Using our service means agreeing to our terms and conditions.  Spammers and bulk emailers will be terminated and banned from all of our services without warning.

Have a great rest of your day!