Can I use WordPress?

Many people ask us “Can I install wordpress?”

Yes, you can install wordpress on our web hosting at but we don’t recommend it.

But before you do, understand that WordPress is unstable.

Are you sure you want to risk your company on this?

WordPress is free, but it has issues, it requires a lot of upkeep and it and causes a lot of drama. You can definitely install it, but we DO NOT offer support for it. We DO NOT recommend using wordpress at all.  If you’re wanting to use WordPress, you may want to host your site at a company that specializes in wordpress.

Remember, just because it “seems” like it is free, it isn’t. Themes and plugins and maintenance can cost money, and it’s not as easy to use as it seems. The things in life that seem free often cost us the most.

If you still want to use wordpress, here’s important information:

Losing a wordpress site (or having it get infected) is devastating, but unfortunately very common. Too much can go wrong.

WordPress is free so that makes it popular, but it’s also a nightmare because it requires frequent updates for security, and so do all the plugins that you can get — and all these parts get infected easily.

When a wordpress site gets infected, it can let a hacker use your site to commit crimes (in your name). It also might try to attack the server itself! It’s such a bad problem that we don’t even offer support for wordpress on our hosting.

If you are going to use wordpress, only buy themes from reputable companies like themeforest and only buy the highest rated/most popular…

And if you plan to use plugins, only get them from within wordpress itself so you know they are reputable (highest rated/most popular), and never free ones that you find on the internet or that you get from someone else.

To install WordPress

log into your web hosting control panel click on WordPress and click to install it.  If you have trouble installing it, send us a support ticket, let us know your name, domain, and that you’re having difficulty installing wordpress in your web hosting account. We can assist with an installation, but that’s as far as we can help you with wordpress.  We do not support it.

One last warning…

Be wary about running your business on something unstable

Know that a wordpress site is going to take constant upkeep and if you still want to have a wordpress site, you might want to consider hiring a company to manage it for you. There’s no set-it-and-forget-it and nothing of quality is free. There are a lot of bad guys out there. Here’s an article with a lot of information