Add an Affiliate Signup Form

Adding an affiliate page to your website will definitely help boost your business. Here is how you can add a form on your site in just a couple of minutes.

1) Login to your Credit Repair Cloud profile and go to the “My Company” tab


affiliate form

2) Click on “Website Tools” and then “Affiliate Signup Form”


affiliate form 2

3) Click on the “Copy” button. This will automatically copy the “Webform code”


affiliate form 3


4) Go to and login to your account.


affiliate form 4

5) Once you are logged in, go to “Launch Presence Builder”


affiliate form 5

6) Go to your affiliate page by clicking on “Partner Program”


affiliate form 6

7) Once you are on that page, it is time to edit it. Click on “Module” then choose “Script” which will be the very last option.


affiliate form 7

8) Drag the “Script” to wherever you want to form to be. (Some prefer it beneath the image)



9) Paste the code from step 3 in the blank box by right clicking and choosing paste. (Shortcut for paste for Mac is Command+V, for Windows it is CTRL+V). Click “ok” to save.


affiliate form 8

10) Click on publish


affiliate form 0

11) Go to your website and you will now see an affiliate form!


affiliate form 10