How Do I Add A New Domain to my account?

If you are a premium member, you have unlimited domains that you can host on our server! Here is how you can add new domains to your hosting account.

1) Log into your Electric Webhost account and click on “Add New Domain” which is located directly below the “Websites & Domains” header. addingdomain1

2) Insert the domain name that you wish to host with us.



3) Choose your DNS setting (click here if you do not know what DNS is)

addingdomain3 4) Choose your Hosting Type.

If you would like to have your website hosted on our trusted server, choose “website hosting” 

If you would like to add a 301 (URL forwarding), choose the “forwarding” option. (Example: you have a website called “” but you also purchased “” for the sake of the possibility of someone misspelling your domain, you can have “” be redirected to “” so you don’t miss the opportunity of a client! Or if you have changed your business name, you can have your old domain forwarded to your new one.)

If you would not like hosting, you can choose “no hosting”addingdomain4