Add A Module To Your Website

Today, we are going to show you how to add a module to your website!  It’s super easy!

A module is how you add a web lead form or a video to your site!


Here’s a video followed by the steps:


What is a Module?

First of all, a module is like a block of space for an item to live in on your web  page (script, video, images, and more).

You can see here in the toolbar there are modules just about anything you’d want to add to your site.  They all work the same way.


Adding a module is super easy. All you have to do is drag it to the page, but before you let go you need to make a decision.

You have 2 choices: “Content” or “Design”

  • “Content” means you’re adding it as “content” for this current page.

  • But “Design” means you’re making it a part of the design so it will be on ALL pages!



Most often you’ll want to choose “CONTENT.” 



When you’re dragging it around looking for the 2 choices it looks like this:

So make sure it says CONTENT before you let go of the mouse.


Then you paste the code for the video, web form or whatever script you’re adding.  


step 3

After this, you will save and publish, and bingo!  You’ve just added a module to your site!



If the web form, video  or whatever you’ve added is now appearing on ALL pages instead of 1, that means you let go of the mouse when it said “Design” and not “Content”.

To fix that, delete the module completely and try again.  This time do not let go of the mouse until you see the word “Content.”

Getting help:

If you continue to have trouble, write us a support ticket.  We respond fast.

And if you’re aCredit Repair Cloud user, you can schedule a call with us at so we can help you personally.