My logo is too small! How do I make it bigger?

If your logo is appearing too small, it’s probably because it needs to be cropped.  For example, here’s a logo someone tried to use for their site.  Whoever created their logo file also left all this white space as part of the image.   Looks terrible, right?  Here’s why… When […]

How to Create An Email Address/Account At Your domain

1. Log in to your web hosting account at 2. Under “Your Active Products/Services” click on “Web Hosting ($19.95/month”) 3. Click on “Email Accounts” 4. Add a New Email account by filling in these fields. Instructions are in the top of the page where it says “Documentation” You’ll need to use […]

How Do I Cancel My Web Hosting Account?

Here’s how to cancel your web hosting account! Contact us!  Send us a support email from here Tell us “I want to cancel my web hosting account.” Include the domain name of your site. Write from the same name and email that you signed up with, so we know it’s […]

All New Users – Start Here!

EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE TO GET YOUR SITE ONLINE FAST!  **PLEASE READ ALL** Estimated Time to Complete: 12 Minutes (if you stop to read this guide and follow these steps below): Is your Domain Name Registered at another company? (GoDaddy, etc)?  Your new site WILL NOT publish or work until you […]

Can I use WordPress?

Many people ask us “Can I install wordpress?” Yes, you can install wordpress on our web hosting at but we don’t recommend it. But before you do, understand that WordPress is unstable. Are you sure you want to risk your company on this? WordPress is free, but it has issues, […]

SSL and PCI Compliance for my Website

We created MyCreditRepairSite web hosting for our Credit Repair Cloud users So If you’re using our web hosting, it’s likely that you’re a Credit Repair Cloud user. If you’re just getting started with your business and setting up your site to collect payments, don’t worry, we’re here to help! First things first:  Are […]


Security is our #1 concern. You might sound friendly but we don’t know you. Please respect our rules of security. They protect your site from someone who may be pretending to be you. Always write us from the same email address you signed up with. No bank will discuss your account with […]

Is your Domain or Email at another Company?

Is your domain already registered at GoDaddy or some other company and not with us? Didn’t buy your domain name from us? No worries, your domain can stay exactly where it is (at that other company) and it will work just fine with our web hosting. All you need to […]

How do I cancel a web hosting account?

Here’s how to cancel a web hosting account: 1) Visit our contact page 2) Click the button that sats “Email Support.” 3) Send us a note that says “Please cancel my web hosting account.” 4) Make sure you’re writing from the very same email account that you signed up with. […]